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King highlights significance of disaster preparedness when he officially opens ‘Eua’s Royal Agricultural Show.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,25/07/2018

His Majesty – King Tupou VI officially opened ‘Eua’s Royal Agricultural Show at Niu’eiki Ground where he emphasizes the importance of disaster preparedness.

Her Majesty – Queen Nanasipau’u were also present at the Show.

His Majesty first acknowledged God’s guidance for enabling everyone to attend this morning’s Royal Agricultural Show.

He also expressed how excited he was to revisit the island months after the devastation from TC Gita.

The cyclone affected various sectors in ‘Eua including the agricultural sector and people’s homes.

He said, he was happy to witness the people’s recovery efforts by rebuilding their homes as well as their plantations after the cyclone.

King Tupou VI said he supported the rebuilding efforts because the natural disasters would never end, however, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that their homes are strong enough to withstand natural disasters.

He also emphasized the importance to ensure food security on the island.

His Majesty said, immediate recovery assistance was delivered by the staff of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries following the cyclone to the most affected families.

The assistance included seedlings and trainings on ways to preserve food.

His Majesty thanked his people for all the hard works they had done to ensure food security and ensure the people’s lives are safe.

The King also thanked everyone for attending this morning’s event and showcasing their finest produce and products.

King Tupou VI said ‘Eua would continue to receive assistance to improve the agricultural sector and to help develop the island.

The reply to the Royal address was conducted by ‘Eua’s representative to Parliament – Tevita Lavemaau saying the island is slowly recovering from the impacts of the cyclone but preparedness is always important.

Lavemaau added that while recovering from the impacts of Gita the island was able to export about 20 containers of local produce to overseas markets.

The growers on ‘Eua are also famous for growing vanilla and the price of the dried vanilla at the international market has reached $600 pa’anga per kilo.

Various entertainments were followed before His Majesty’s presented the prizes for the winners of the Royal Agricultural Show.

Their Majesties also inspected stalls at the Niu’eiki Ground.

Their Majesties have returned to Tongatapu this afternoon.

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