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Students at GPS Ohonua desperately needed a classroom instead of tent

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,27/07/2018

The Government Representative of ‘Eua is appealing to the Government for an immediate assistance to build classrooms for GPS students of ‘Ohonua.


Sunia Havea says these students have been studying in the tents for more than five months but there is an urgent need to address this issue as soon as possible.


He adds, he was informed that children were suffering from minor illnesses during the summer season as a result of studying in the tents.


The government representative is concerned because there are about 50 students in a class which is too many for a tent.


There’s hope, the Government would consider the matter as and to deliver materials for the construction of classrooms because the winter season is approaching.


There’s fear the children’s lives are vulnerable to diseases such as pneumonia due to the standard of classroom used by the student of GPS ‘Ohonua.


The issue was raised during the reply to the Royal Address by the ‘Eua’s representative to Parliament – Tevita Lavemaau during the islands Royal Agricultural Show.


However, Havea says despite the fact the island is struggling with the impacts of Gita but that does not hinder the island’s daily operation to develop the island.


It was witnessed during ‘Eua’s Royal Agricultural Show with people showcasing their finest produce and products on Wednesday.


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