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Regional workshop in Nuku’alofa to discuss security and development challenges in the region

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,30/07/2018

The Hon Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs has emphasized the need for border crossed agencies to cooperate and make a difference through collective experience and to address migration and border control issues.

‘Akilisi Pohiva made the statement when he opened the Advance Executive Leadership and Management Strategic Planning Programme this morning.

He says the opportunity for Tonga to host the workshop in Nuku’alofa demonstrates its support of the Pacific Immigration Development Community’s work in addressing security challenges face by each nation boarders.

Pohiva says Globalization and its influence in the mobility level in the region has made it critical for the immigration agencies to meet the demand of these dynamic sector.

He says transnational crimes is placing all Pacific islands at risk and Tonga is no exception.

“Tonga welcomes the opportunity to dialogue with member countries and partners to advance our quest against cybercrimes, human trafficking, armed, drugs and people smuggling.  The complexity of these crimes requires effective planning, timely response, advanced equipment and collective efforts from all the PIDC countries. At the national level we share similar challenges with managing their movement of International travels   against backdrop of limited capacities, resource constrains and budget constraints. We need more than strong leadership and management in our Immigration Agencies. Furthermore, we need border crossed agencies cooperation with relevant agencies in the law enforcement agencies, legal entities and vital statistic agencies. In this workshop he hopes that each members can make a difference by coming together to map our through our collective experience, strategic direction to address migration and border control issues,” he said.

Pohiva says the constant advancement and sophistication of electronic communication and technology have intensified cybercrimes placing electronic system at enormous security vulnerability and most countries are rapidly falling to these illegal activities.

He also reminds the participants that it is vitally important to address these immigration issues.

Pohiva thanked PIDC Secretariat and Board for all their assistance in these areas.

Present at the program this morning are participants from the Pacific Immigration Development Secretariat, regional representatives and staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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