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Traditional sailing methods needed to be preserved

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,30/07/2018

The President and CEO of the only private maritime Institute in the States – the Northeast Maritime Institute, says it is vital for the locals to preserve their traditional sailing methods.

Eric Dawicki said, Tonga is unique in many ways especially its knowledge and expertise in sea navigating.

Mr Dawicki’s has 33 years of maritime safety and security experience, his background combines policy and issue expertise with practical field experience while assisting governments, shipping companies, and maritime education and training institutions around the globe.

He visited Tonga in the past after request from the World Bank and Marine Ports division to assist mariners in Tonga to get appropriate license or credentials to work internationally.

However, things didn’t work out when trying to work together with related government Ministries on the issue so Eric was approached by a friend to help ‘Aunofo Funaki, the only female captain here in Tonga.

Eric said he has been to 85 countries but he’s hoping they can do something here in Tonga such as building a school to do this work.

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