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More aid supplies for Cyclone Gita affected victims

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,1/08/2018

The Deputy Mayor of North Burnett in Queensland, Australia, is in Nuku’alofa this week to present donations from the community of Munduberra for recovery following cyclone Gita.

Councillor Faye Whelan is visiting with 3 others to deliver 3 crates of aid items for those who are still struggling in recovery after the devastation of Gita earlier this year.

Councillor Whelan said there is a large Tongan community in Munduberra and they have hosted many Tongans over the years under the Seasonal Workers scheme so they have close ties to Tonga.

After hearing about Cyclone Gita’s devastation in Tonga in February, their community decided to raise funds, not only for the families of the Tongans in their community but for those in need here in the Kingdom.

Munduberra is not new to natural disasters, as they’ve faced multiple floodings in recent years.

Whelan says the Tongan seasonal workers were extremely helpful in the recovery of the community following these disasters and this was an opportunity for them to reciprocate their assistance.

Councillor Whelan and their committee from Munduberra are working closely with the Ministry of Internal Affairs here in Tonga for the distribution of the aid which is focused on communities that are still in need of assistance now, about 6 months after Cyclone Gita.

Munduberra welcomes many Tongans every year for the Seasonal Workers Scheme and is also home to many Tongan families.

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