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Ministry of Labour to export frozen produce to overseas markets

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,1/08/2018

The Ministry of Labour is hoping to expand the work that they do in exporting local produce to overseas markets.

At the moment, they export fresh produce to the markets in New Zealand but they are hoping to export frozen produce.

The CEO of Labour Edgar Cocker says they are working to increase the market opportunities for local growers to generate more income for their families.

He says so far they have exported 15 containers of fresh produce this year but they are hoping to export 3 to 4 containers a month.

Cocker says negotiations are underway for a market opportunity in Australia and also for the Ministry to be able to export frozen produce.

The CEO says he is working with the Minister of Labour for Tonga to sign more free trade agreements to have an easy access to overseas Markets.

He adds they are currently negotiating for a chance to export the Tongan Kava, fish and handicrafts to the market in Europe.

Edgar Cocker adds, the Ministry will continue to explore new market opportunities for the products and produce from Tonga..

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