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Minister of Agriculture believes this year’s Royal Agricultural Show was outstanding

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,2/08/2018

The Minister of Agriculture has praised the standard of this year’s Royal Agricultural Show, saying perhaps this is the best show Tonga has ever witnessed, compared to previous years.

Semisi Fakahau says despite the fact that some islands faced natural disasters from last year to early this year BUT the impacts were not shown during the event.

More people joined this year’s Show, especially handicraft makers, growers and fishermen.

Fakahau added that, the people from the outer islands were very excited when Their Majesties visited their islands, especially the people of Felemea.

‘Eua and Tongatapu were also outstanding on this year’s Show despite the impacts from TC Gita earlier this year.

The annual Royal Agricultural Show ended last Saturday.

Meanwhile, some people are already preparing for next year’s Agricultural Show.

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