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Leadership Training for Police Officers

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,2/08/2018

More than 200 police officers have completed the Tonga Police Leadership Training known as the Accountability, Authority and Responsibility.

The training focused on “decision-making” in a Law Enforcement environment was in three-stage development process with the target to every member of Tonga Police.

Around 125 police officers have completed phase one and are moving on to complete phase two and three.

The Leadership training was introduced to Tonga Police as part of the Police Commissioner’s priorities, with developing leadership at all levels.

During a graduation ceremony last week Commissioner Caldwell emphasized the importance of demonstrating moral courage and being professional at all times.

The Commissioner reminded staff of the role of Tonga Police, to protect and serve, uphold the rule of law, keep the Peace and have the ability to investigate crime when it occurs.

The training was conducted by 9 officers and facilitated by consultants, Steve Longford and Greg Phillips from New Intelligence, Australia.

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