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Mundubbera’s Aid distributed this morning

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,2/08/2018

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the committee from Mundubbera led by North-Burnett deputy mayor Councillor Faye Whelan, began the distribution of the aid from Mundubbera this morning.

The town officer and 31 benefitting families, from the village of Nukuleka warmly welcomed the assistance.

The town officer, Sitiveni Fe’ao says this assistance was unexpected as it comes 6 months following the cyclone, but he believes it would be the most helpful to the families who are still struggling since cyclone Gita’s devastation earlier this year.

Fe’ao says, after the cyclone passed, the villagers each worked on fixing the damage to their homes and their crops so that by now many of the families in the village have recovered from the cyclone.

Despite this, the town officer says, there are still areas that the village is in desperate need, such as the village water supply, and the root crops that most families food supply.

The assistance from Mundubbera includes foods items, clothing, footwear, hardware, as well as other items to assist the people in getting back on their feet after the cyclone. The distribution of this aid will continue to other villages around Tongatapu including Popua and Patangata.

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