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Jehovah Witness’ Convention underway in Nuku’alofa

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,3/08/2018

Jehovah’s Witness has prioritized the importance for youths in Tonga to live according to the good characters stated in the bible.

The Secretary of the Elder’s Group – Beaven Pitcher says Church annual convention is underway in Nuku’alofa with the theme “to be courageous”.

“This year, the theme of our program is Be Courageous and the times we live in now – it’s critical times that we live in. In this system that we live in, it’s hard for us to find work, hard for us to make money, so we need to be courageous,” he said.

He adds part of the program is looking at ways to solve the problems faced by youths.

“We definitely make sure that some of the parts of our program are help for our young ones that they’re able to be courageous young people and to help them avoid certain things that are very influential today in the world that we live in. Now we have a lot of problems with our young ones, here in Tonga they really struggle – it’s really hard for them but we try and provide a nice scriptural program that will help them to look for ways in which they can serve God better,” he said. 

About 500 congregations in this program including members of the Church from the outer islands, as well as from New Zealand.

The convention will wrap up on Sunday.

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