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People of Ha’asini and Hamula struggle with water shortage

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,6/08/2018

An emergency operation is currently underway at the Eastern villages of Ha’asini and Hamula, to resolve the water shortage faced by the people of the two villages.

The town officer – ‘Efoti Grewe says, the cause of the problem was technical issues with the water pump.

This has been a longstanding problem with the villages water pump but they Cyclone Gita’s visit in February worsened the situation.

The main concern is that some areas are only getting small amount of water while houses at the higher grounds have no access to water at all.

The town officer says he is working with related stakeholders to solve the problem.

There are more than 160 households affected by this in Ha’asini and Hamula.

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