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New Zealand donated new Biochemistry Analyser for Vaiola’s Laboratory

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,6/08/2018

The Vaiola Hospital laboratory today launched a new Biochemistry Analyser donated Pacific Paramedical Training Centre through the New Zealand Government.

The  Biochemistry Analyser will be used to carry out medical tests that usually done in overseas countries.

Today’s program also included the donation of histology equipment to the Vaiola laboratory following the damage that occurred as a result of a fire last year.

The donation of this equipment to Tonga was facilitated with the help of the PPTC.

Meanwhile, a representative from the PPTC – Russel Cole acknowledged the collaboration between Tonga and the NZ government.

Director of Health Dr SialeAkauola thanked the NZ government for the assistance.

The program concluded with a tour to the laboratory where the equipment will be used.

The donated equipment was worth more $200,000 NZD.

The program this morning was attended by the Medical Superintendent of Vaiola Hospital – Dr Lisiate ‘Ulufonua and other guests….ends

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