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ADAC marks its 20th anniversary in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,9/08/2018

The youngest person who has been seeking rehabilitation assistance at the Salvation Army’s Alcohol and Drugs Awareness Centre – ADAC is a 15 year old.

This was confirmed during the celebration of the ADAC’s 20th anniversary in Tonga yesterday.

Capt. Sila Siufanga from the Salvation Army in Tonga says throughout the past twenty years, they have seen the impacts of alcohol and drugs on the youth.

He says that in the 1950’s, the youngest person to visit the Centre was in his 40’s, in the year 2000, was a 22 year old and just this year a 15 year old which he believes they need to work in a more professional way to avoid the problem.

About 1200 people have visited the centre for consultation.

Siufanga adds they are concerned because it is not only Tonga that is affected but also the countries in the Pacific including Fiji, Samoa and New Zealand.

Meanwhile, a representative from the Salvation Army in NZ, Lieutenant Colonel Lynette Hutson praised the progress of the ADAC in Tonga.

“For a number of years, I’ve tried to support what is happening here in Tonga because we have a big concern in the way that alcohol and drugs impact the Kingdom of Tonga. Over these years, I’ve watched the ADAC Program to deliver a very good program that changes people’s lives. And that’s what we need. The work is very effective; I want to see it continues. I want to see the whole community can actually support it,” Hutson said.

She also encourages collaboration between related stakeholders in the region towards a better nation.

“Salvation Army has expanded in the Pacific in the last two years. First of all, we started a program in Fiji and last week they launched a program in Samoa and so I can see that we’re supporting the expertise – the learning from the Pacific is going to be important. Now I think ADAC in Tonga 20 years so you have a lot of experience and we want to learn from what youth has done here to take it and help more development,” she said.

The Alcohol and Drugs Awareness Centre is the only rehabilitation centre in Tonga and was established in1998.

Attending the program were representatives from the Salvation Army in Tonga, representatives from the Salvation Army in NZ and others.

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