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Youths need help from all the related stakeholders to tackle challenges faced

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,9/08/2018

The Director of Tonga Family Health Association has emphasized the importance for related stakeholders to work collaboratively to help improve the lives of youths in Tonga.

‘Amelia Hoponoa says, the problems faced by the youths have been highlighted repeatedly including the use of drugs and alcohol.

Hoponoa adds, the concern now is what the related stakeholders are doing to assist the youth by providing a healthier environment for them.

Related partners are also encouraged to provide a safe platform for the youths in addressing the challenges they face.

Hoponoa highlighted, that urgent actions are required to assist the youths to ensure a safer and better nation for Tonga in the future.

Tonga Family Health’s board of directors includes young adults and some have been fortunate to represent the board at overseas meetings and conferences.

The centre provides opportunities for youths to raise their concerns and opinions in areas of decision making.

Tonga Family Health will host a program for the youth this week.

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