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Hospital Ship ‘Ark Peace’ to offer medical assistance in Tongatapu for 8 days

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,13/08/2018

The Acting Prime Minister Semisi Sika and the Chinese Ambassador to Tonga – H.E Wang Baodong, this morning welcomed the commanding officers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy Hospital Ship ‘Ark Peace’.

This is the ‘Ark Peace’s second visit to Tonga, it made its maiden visit to the Kingdom back in 2014.

Rear Admiral Guan Bailin and Rear Admiral Qin Wei are commanding this visit – Mission Harmony 2018, which is the concrete practice of carrying forward international humanitarianism and disseminating the concept of peace, development, and cooperation.

The Hospital ship will offer free medical services to the local people, members of Chinese institutions, and overseas Chinese as well.

There are also plans to dispatch medical teams to local hospitals, communities, and offshore islands for medical services, to maximize the benefits for the local patients.

The Acting Prime Minister highlighted in his welcoming speech the significance of this year for the Tonga-Sino diplomatic relationship and the continued growth of the two nations’ relationship.

The Chinese Ambassador – H.E Wang Baodong emphasized the importance of Tonga and China’s bilateral relations, saying the Ark Peace’s visit today is evidence of the two countries strong relationship.

Rear Admiral Guan Bailin, said while the ship is in port here, the public will be able to visit the ship for tours or for medical consultation.

The Ark Peace is in Tonga for 8 days, departing on Monday the 20th of August.

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