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Hihifo schools supported the National Climate Change Awareness Week

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,14/08/2018

The Climate Change Department of the Ministry of MEIDECC continues their program to mark the National Climate Change Awareness Week.

This morning they hosted tree planting programs at the Hihifo Schools including Government Primary School of Kanokupolu.

The Principal of GPS Kanokupolu – Loluhama Mahe says climate change is an important issue for young students because when they grow older they will come up with brilliant ideas to combat its negative impacts.

Mahe says when these students are fully aware of the negative impacts of climate change then they will be able to cope whenever a natural disaster strikes.

Meanwhile, one student Mele Fatai Vi says people should plant trees around the coastline to protect the environment.

Another student, Uilise Kaivelata, says he supported the initiative because it will help protect the islands that are vulnerable to climate change.

The tree planting project continued at GPS Kolovai also Free Wesleyan Primary School.

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