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Two days conference for the “Women on the Frontlines Tonga 2018”

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/08/2018

The two-day conference for the Women on the Frontlines Tonga 2018 opened this morning at the Queen Salote College Hall.

During the program Rev Dr. Mele’ana Puloka says the aimed of this conference is to bring Christian women from all walks of life.

She hopes this conference will be a platform where women will put their religious differences aside and worship as one because they all believe in Christ.

Meanwhile, Dr Royree Jensen from the Women on the Frontline Australia says they are delighted to be a part of this conference to support women in Tonga during the conference.

Jensen highlights the importance for women to participate in the Conference.

Women on the Frontline exist so that we as women can rise to our full potential. So often we find ourselves way in the background and we live our lives without reaching the God-given potential of the gifts that are within us. So Women on the Frontline exist to bring to the light and to encourage women who have amazing gifts in the secular public space but also in church life to arise with those gifts and glorify the Lord,” Jensen said.

Women on the Frontline has branches across Oceania including Australia, NZ, and in the Pacific.

Attending the program was Lady Tuna Aleamotu’a, women from different religions, various government organizations and others.

The conference will end tomorrow.

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