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Office of the Ombudsman continues to educate people about their mission

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/08/2018

The Office of the Ombudsman Tonga is continuing their outreach programmes in which they educate the people of the nation on the Ombudsman’s mission.

A team from the Ombudsman Office visited Tupou College yesterday where they performed skits and delivered a presentation on the main functions of the Ombudsman office and the criteria to follow for lodging a complaint with their office.

The functions of the Ombudsman are to investigate complaints about administrative actions and decisions made by any department, public enterprise or other public body; or made by any officer (including the Minister or Governor), employee or member of such body.

The Head Prefect of Tupou College, Sione To’a said this program was very informative for the staff and students of the school and he believes it would be useful for them in future.

The Ombudsman Office had previously conducted similar outreach visits to various government ministries, organisations, as well as to the outer islands.

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