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People on the island of ‘Atatā are facing water shortage

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 28/08/2018

The people on the island of ‘Atatā are facing water shortage because most of the water tanks on the island are nearly empty.

Members of the Tonga National Youth Congress are currently on the island to assist islanders to have access to clean water supply.

Speaking to Radio Tonga News – TNYC Humanitarian Coordinator Mausa Halahala says, they sent out team to the island last week as part of their program to assist those who were affected from Cyclone Gita.

While on the island, they’ve witnessed the problems face by the locals – where most of the 61 water tanks on the island were either empty or dirty.

He adds they then sent more staff to the island to help purify the water tanks and carry out water desalination.

People of ‘Atata rely heavily on rain water because there is no underground water on the island.

Mosese Taunaholo – the Town officer of ‘Atatā thanked TNYC for their help and said that this would help the islanders in ‘Atatā.

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