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Tonga and New Zealand Tonga Business Council signed an MOU last night

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 30/08/2018

There’s hope for a better working relationship between business owners here in Tonga and abroad – after a Memorandum of Understanding was signed last night between the Government of Tonga and the New Zealand Tonga Business Council.

The council was established in 2010, and is made up of 40 large businesses in NZ and abroad.

Signing for the government of Tonga was the Minister of Labour – Tu’i Uata – while Sione Taufa – the chairman of the Pacific business council signed for the council.

The chairman of the Council Sione Taufa says this has been a dream for the council to strengthen their trade partnership with the government.

We the NZ Tonga Business Council believe that using trade as a vehicle will improve the lives of people of NZ and Tonga. I think we can only look overseas at the two biggest economies in the world and how trade is used as a weapon us here in the Pacific we are far too small yet too isolated to be using that in that case. We truly believe that co-operating with our partners is the only way to move forward. The need for an MOU started a few years ago, because while everyone had a relationship with some of the ministers and CEOs we felt the need to formalize the relationship bring everyone to the table, have a document that is transparent to move forward with trade,” he said.

The signing ceremony was carried out at NZ High Commissioner’s resident in Popua – with H.E Tiffany Babington attending the program.

Also present at the program was the CEO of Labour Edgar Cocker, delegation from the council, among other guests.

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