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Alcohol is affecting seasonal workers in Australia and New Zealand

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 04/09/2018

Consuming alcohol is the main problem that limits the ability of the seasonal workers in Australia and New Zealand to do their best and this has led to other problems.

The Acting CEO of the Ministry of Internal Affairs ‘Onetoto ‘Anisi says a task force has been set up to address the issue.

He says consuming alcohol has triggered many problems including unable to attend work, slacking among other problems but these can be solved.

‘Anisi says Australia and New Zealand are expanding job opportunities but there is a need to cooperate to address the issue because these opportunities have contributed a lot to Tonga’s economy.

He adds, at the moment, ten workers are working at the meat industry in Australia under a pilot program but they will employ more if it’s going to be successful.

The Acting CEO says there are job opportunities available in other areas including hospitality both in New Zealand and Australia.

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