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Four suspects have been arrested in relation to armed robberies

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/09/2018

Police have arrested four people in relation to the armed robberies at the Gas Stations in Fanga ‘o Pilolevu and Veitonga early this morning. Four suspects include two males and two females.

One of the victims at the gas station in Veitongo is at Vaiola hospital for medical treatments after sustaining gunshot wounds.

Television Tonga News was at the scene this morning and was able to interview victims at the Gas Station in Fanga.

One victim says, he was inside his vehicle when a gunman shot the back window of his car at around 3am.

The gunman walked on to the side window and pointed his weapon at him demanding for cell-phone.

The victim said the gunman wore hoodie and mask.

The victim adds, the gunman was trying to get car’s key out of car so he attempted to pull the gun but it was unsuccessful.

The gunman got disappointed and pointed the gun at him but a female worker from the gas station interrupted to get distraction before she and other two workers ran into building.

This gave the victims inside the vehicle to escape immediately because they feared for their lives.

Meanwhile, gunman went straight to the office, open fired before he used the gun to destroy the main entrance to the office.

One of the three staff inside contacted the police for help and at the same time they used what is inside the office for self defense.

One of those who were in the office says that they shouted and said that that they police are coming which makes the gunman escape in a stolen vehicle.

No cash stolen from the incident.

Meanwhile, the armed robbery at the Gas Station in Veitongo occurred around 4:00am this morning.

One of the two workers at the gas station says the gunman demanded for cash and his co-worker gave him some money but he demanded for all of the money in the purse.

He escaped with close to TOP$900.

He adds they got into a fight with the gunman but his worker got injured from gunshots but that doesn’t stop them from trying to take control of the gun.

The gunman decided to escape leaving the weapon behind.

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