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Police charged four suspects for armed robbery

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 06/09/2018

Police have charged all of the four suspects who were arrested yesterday in relation the armed robbery at the gas stations in Fanga and Veitongo.

All of the four suspects including two females and two males were charged with armed robbery, conspiracy to conduct an armed robbery among other charges depending on their roles.

The armed robbery at the gas station in Fanga occurred around at around 3 yesterday morning but no cash was stolen.

Meanwhile, same robbers escaped with close to a thousand pa’anga from the gas station in Veitongo.

The male worker at the gas station sustained gunshot wounds and he received medical treatment yesterday.

Four suspects appeared at the Magistrate Court yesterday and they were ordered to remand in the police custody to reappear in court in a later date.

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