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Tupou College’s Village Network Upgrade Project completed

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 06/09/2018

The Minister of MEIDECC marked the completion of Tonga Village Network Upgrade Project at Tupou College yesterday. Tupou College is the last recipient to be upgraded under the project.

Poasi Tei adds the project commenced in 2011 with the transformation of the low voltage network in Tongatapu.

This project is now complete and the true value of it is visually seeing the change and the hearing the acknowledgement of the people. Going back seven years ago, the network in Tonga was a complete nightmare. The transformation of the low voltage network over Tongatapu from what is technically considered third class to first class cannot be expressed merely in words. We have come a long way and what we are witnessing today from the long drive from Nuku’alofa to Toloa is a miracle,” he said.

Tei says this contribution has provided safe, efficient and reliable electricity distribution for Tonga.

Line losses for the completed villages have dropped significantly from 21% to 5%, more than 10,000 customers have been connected to the upgraded grid of which more than 25% new connects. Significant reduction in reported faults in the completed villages. Finally a total of 16 lines technicians have qualified to a NZ Accredited Line Mechanic Standard an internally recognized qualification,” he said.

New Zealand has contributed NZD$30.8m which has enabled upgrading of the majority of the rural and peri-urban low voltage villages in Tongatapu.

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