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Three students at Tonga Side School left traumatized after a gun point

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 12/09/2018

Three Tonga Side School students were left traumatized after a gun point early yesterday morning outside of the school.

The weapon used believed to be a rifle.

A teacher from the school who asked not to be named says, the class six students were taking a shortcut to school and came across a blue vehicle with no license plate parked close to the school’s gate.

When they approached the vehicle, the car’s occupant pointed a gun and a knife to threaten them.

These students ran inside the school’s compound and told the teachers when had happened.

The school contacted the police but when they arrived, the vehicle has left the scene.

This daunting experience is alarming for the students, parents and the staff of Tonga Side School.

More than 900 students are studying Tonga Side School, with 41 teachers.

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