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Minister of Education responded to the dissatisfaction among teachers at Tonga High School

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/09/2018

The Hon.  Minister of Education and Training Penisimani Fifita has responded to the dissatisfaction among the teachers at Tonga High School.

The Minister of Education Penisimani Fifita called a meeting with the teachers yesterday to discuss the issue and to find a solution to the problem.

He says it was a peaceful meeting and they were very emotional to learn more about the problem. He says as a conclusion, the teachers agreed to a new beginning and to do their utmost.

Fifita says the cause of the dissatisfaction was the used of the Performance Management System to measure their performance for a pay rise.

The minister says a team of assessors carried out this assessment few weeks ago and the teachers were dissatisfied with their rankings.

He adds the team is still in Vava’u but they are going to meet soon to discuss the issue.

The Minister of Education says in the past they used to have a pay rise every year but the government has approved the use of Performance Management System.

Penisimani Fifita adds, he will make a recommendation to the Public Service Commission for a chance to re-assess these teachers’ performance.

Television Tonga news understands that some teachers at Tonga High School boycott teaching in the past few days.

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