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18 women complete a 7-day Tonga Skills training yesterday.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 14/09/2018

Tonga Skills this week continued their programs in providing more opportunities for people to make a living from with skills training.

Tonga skills hosted a 7-day training on Textile and Tapa Printing, and Picture Making – for the women of Tongatapu 3 which taught them skills in simple art projects that they can use for commercial purposes to make a living.

This training was led by a retired art teacher – Tevita Pola’apau, who said this was an excellent initiative as it not only provides a skills training for people to enable them to make an income, but it also promotes the artistic talents of the people.

Pola’apau says art is everywhere, in the clothes, the buildings, the vehicles, and even in nature. He said art can be a simple skill that people can learn and use in their everyday life, whether to help in their activities or to made products to sell for profit.

One of the participants of the training – ‘Otolose Tupa from Mataika says the skills and knowledge that she has learnt has opened up another window of opportunity for her to provide for her family. During the training she was able to design a few prints for t-shirts and says this is a good skill that she is sure would come in handy in the future.

Eighteen women from Tongatapu 3 participated in this training. With the completion of the training yesterday, the participants displayed the products they had made and the Australian Deputy High Commissioner, Rhona McPhee presented the women with certificates.

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