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Nevada National Guard assisted Tonga on its preparation for natural disasters

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/09/2018

Members from the Nevada National Guard are currently in Nuku’alofa to hold discussions with the related partners on how to improve Tonga’s preparation for any natural disaster.

The four day workshop is hosted by the National Emergency Management Office in partnership with His Majesty’s Armed Forces.

Leading the team from Nevada National Guard was Brigadier General Zachary Doser who says, the consultation is significant for Tonga because they are prepared to provide immediate response whenever a country affected by any natural disaster.

“One of the key outcomes is the framework of response plan 2- strengthen the whole government approach to disaster response to include civil authorities and certain military component – that’s what the Nevada National Guard is here for and third – strengthen regional partnerships because any natural disasters here in Tonga impacts your neighbors and your neighbors may be impacted and called upon Tonga to assist them as well,” he said.

Meanwhile, the CEO for MEIDECC – Paula Ma’u tells the story of Tonga’s preparedness when Cyclone Gita made landfall in Tonga.

 “When TC Gita hit us early this year, we think we have made a good preparatory work with the resources and efforts we had at the time. We have cautiously and accurately traced it. We made a proper level of warnings and giving instructions. NEMO committee was called to duty and the Emergency operating Centre was activated. Then we declared a State of Emergency well before a cyclone hit. We sent people home to assist in preparation and made sure each is with his or her family,” he said.

The consultation will include developing a national plan for Tonga to use as an immediate response in times of natural disasters such as Tropical Cyclone.

The workshop will end on Friday.

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