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Parliament’s deliberations continued this morning with many issues raised.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 25/09/2018

One of the issues was a request from a Cabinet Minister about a payment made to Tongasat in previous years.

One MP also raised concern whether the Prime Minister and a Cabinet Minister were involved in a car accident, after rumors had circulated on social media, when the Minister’s vehicle crashed on the road a few weeks ago.

However the Minister of Police, informed the House he had received a reliable report confirming the Prime Minister and the Cabinet minister were not present in the vehicle when the accident happened, claiming only the driver was involved.

He then added that the Ministry had established a drug taskforce to assist in the fight against the illegal distribution of drugs in Tonga which has been a steadily increasing crime in recent years.

The latest case was the seizure of drugs from the Eastern District over the weekend.

On this topic, another MP emphasized the need to empower the roles of the community police to minimize the rise in crimes recorded in the rural areas especially with the increase in the number of thefts.

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