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People of ‘Eua desperately need government’s assistance

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 01/10/2018

‘Eua MP – Tevita Lavemaau has urged the Government for assistance because his constituency is still struggling from the negative impacts of TC Gita.

During Parliament’s Deliberations on Monday morning, Lavemaau raised key issues that need assistance from the government.

He said, earlier this year he made a request for the Government to waive the school fees for the students of ‘Eua this year because the people are struggling financially following the devastation from TC Gita.

Other issues raised was also the current status of the hospital, which was damaged from the cyclone and now the health officials are using a town hall.

Lavemaau said the situation is very poor and assistance is required immediately.

He also raised concern about the classrooms that were affected from the cyclone.

The Deputy Prime Minister – Semisi Sika responded that the renovation work towards ‘Eua’s Hospital is expected to be completed next week and work is underway to address the issues raised by the ‘Eua representative.

Minister of Labor – Dr.Tu’i Uata added that the government is willing to assist those who are struggling financially. The Government is also seeking ways to assist the victims of TC Gita.

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