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Widows to recieve payment of 100 pa’anga per month from government

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/10/2018

MPs voted in favor of the regulation number 16, 2018 with amendments, for widows in Tonga to receive payment of 100 pa’anga a month from the government.

The issue was raised in Parliament yesterday, during the deliberation.

Vava’u 16 MP –‘Akosita Lavulavu said the recipients are women who have lost their spouses by death and have not married again.

Another condition, the widow’s main source of income is lower than 5thousand pa’anga.

The assistance will be limited to only a year, until she is capable to look for a job to provide income for her family.

The issue was thoroughly discussed in the Whole House Committee and was voted in favor by the MPs before it was tabled in the Legislative Assembly.

The house also voted in favor of the constituency report from Vava’u 15, Tongatapu 8, Tongatapu 9,’Eua 11 and Tongatapu 6.

The house was adjourned for next Monday.

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