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25 new Peace Corp volunteers sworn in this morning as 83rd group

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 6/11/2018

The US Peace Corps in Tonga officially swore in 25 new volunteers this morning, as the 83rd group of volunteers, after they completed their 3 months pre-service training at Kolovai.

The Peace Corps Country Director, Nancy Gehron says, this has been the largest number of volunteers Tonga has had since the past decade.

The new volunteers will work in cooperation with the Ministry of Education on the English Literacy Project to help classes 3-8 students be more efficient in the English subject.

The Minister of Education – Penisimani Fifita says this is a great opportunity for students in Tonga.

More than 1000 US peace corp volunteers has provided service in Tonga since the first group arrived in 1967. Of the 25 Peace Corp volunteers sworn in today, 20 are female, and 5 are male.

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