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Members of the Youth Parliament conduct orientation this week

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 7/11/2018

This week, the members of the Youth Parliament are conducting orientation this week in preparation of their Youth Parliament sessions to take place next week.

The office of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga, organized this Youth Parliament beginning in September where applications were accepted from youths between the ages of 15-34 to apply to the Youth Parliament. The successful applicants were then announced in October as the 26 members of the Youth Parliament which will be run as a mock parliament, imitating the Parliament of Tonga.

The people’s representative of Tongatapu 1, also the Prime Minister for the Youth Parliament – ‘Aulola ‘Ake, said this orientation is a good opportunity for the members of the Youth Parliament to get together and she believes that so far they have all learned many things from each other.

‘Ake believes this week’s program further encourages the members to work together and learn together, about how the Parliament functions, and how they can use that for next weeks Youth Parliament.

The Youth Parliament is an important step in promoting youth empowerment in the country but ‘Ake admits there are still areas that they could use some help in, particularly as Tonga is known as a youthful population, as more than 30 percent of the population are youths between the ages of 15-34. ‘Ake hopes that in this Youth Parliament they could raise issues relevant to the youth in Tonga, and possibly encourage further cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs Youth Division.

‘Ake says many issues they are focusing on during this weeks orientation includes, environment and climate change issues, drug and alcohol abuse and it’s effects of the youth, as well as education and many other issues.

One of the highlights of this Youth Parliament is that majority of the members are female, an important issue in the progression of female empowerment to leadership roles in the country especially in Parliament.

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