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More than 3,000 people registered as diabetic

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 12/11/2018

The National Diabetes Center has recorded an increase in the number of diabetics in Tonga this year compared to last year.

This year the center recorded 3 thousand and 26 patients registered to have diabetes compared to only 2 thousand 5hundred and 75 patients last year.

Dr. ‘Ana Maile from the Center revealed the figures while overviewing Diabetes in Tonga – during a program this morning to mark World Diabetes day with the Theme ” The family and Diabetes.”

Dr. Maile said, 65.43% of those registered as diabetic are female while 34.57% are male.

14,000 of the people diagnosed with diabetes are between the ages of 40 – 59 while only 15 diabetics are under the age of 20.

The 3-day program organized to mark the day will include panel discussion, where the public are given a chance to ask questions about Diabetes.

Attending this morning’s program was the president of the center – Dr. Taniela Palu and its members, Lady Tuna Fielakepa and many guests.

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