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Hospital week began with the theme A Healthy Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 12/11/2018

During the program to mark the beginning of Hospital Week yesterday with the theme: A healthy Tonga, the President of the Seventh Day Adventist Church – Pastor Saia Vea highlighted the importance for the people of the country to use their freedom of choice wisely in regards to their health.

Pastor Saia Vea elaborated on this year’s theme, emphasizing the need for every Tongan man and woman to be healthy.

Vea says this is because an unhealthy lifestyle has caused many to fall short of their full potential at the workplace and even in the home thus the need to be healthier.

He also highlighted the importance for everyone to wisely use their freedom of choice in regards to one’s health, in order to live a longer and healthier life.

He says it’s very important to follow instructions given from doctors and nurses including the need to give up smoking and drinking alcohol, also eating of unhealthy foods in combatting Non-Communicable Diseases.

A choral night was also held last night where the Chairman of the Hospital’s Board of Visitors – Lord Ve’ehala explained about their financial spending last year also their financial plans for this year.

He says, last year they targeted for $50,000 thousand pa’anga which was used to buy a truck, 10 wheelchairs and other hospital materials.

Lord Ve’ehala says they aim for more than $100,000 pa’anga this year to fix the parking area for the ambulance also other needs by the hospital.

Attending yesterday’s programs was the Health Director – Dr Siale ‘Akauola, representatives from the Hospital Board of Visitors, representatives from the Ministry of Health and many invited guests.

This year’s Hospital Week is hosted by the Vaiola Hospital Board of Visitors.

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