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SET program launched yesterday in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/11/2018

The Minister for Internal Affairs this morning launched the Skills and Employment for Tongans – SET program. The project is funded by World Bank worth 18.5 million USD.

In her keynote remarks this morning, Losaline Ma’asi says this Project aims at addressing the issues faced by the youths which includes unemployment and underemployment.

“The project will support the Tongan government to establish a cash-transfer program to address the financial constraints that many households face in accessing and keeping children in secondary schools. The SET Project directly aims to address high secondary school drop-out rates which have reached around 20 percent of students annually. As well as ensure that those drop-outs of secondary schools have alternatives in vocational and learning pathways. The SET program will utilize updated CENSUS data and approx. means test to carefully identify and select eligible households. This important work will be managed through the MIA.”

Ma’asi hopes these issues will be addressed through the SET Project.

“It is our hope that the SET project in coordination with the Govt of Tonga, will assist in the alleviation of poverty, and change the economics of poor households throughout our Kingdom. However, for the project to be success, it will require the efforts and support of all the stakeholders and the strong coordination between the MIA, Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Finance and National Planning. We will do everything in our capacity to ensure that the project will be a success and will help the people in the most vulnerable in the country to realize their full potential and are able to acquire skills and employment. “

Also attending this morning’s program were representatives from the World Bank, related stakeholders and many invited guests.

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