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Fe’iloakitohi Pau’uvalu most understanding student of St Joseph Business College 2018

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 21/11/2018

Fe’iloakitohi Pau’uvale of Hofoa Tongatapu and Lotofoa Ha’apai won the prize for the most outstanding person of St Joseph Business College for 2018.

The guest of honor for the event – Alfred Cowley presented the certificates and awards to the 63 graduates this morning.

In his address to the students, one of the renowned businessman in Tonga, Alfred Cowley spoke on the importance of graduation.

To all this year’s graduates, first of all congratulations. Your graduation represents the end of this chapter of school. Your graduation marks the beginning of a brand new chapter in your lives. A chapter that is marked by independence, decision-making, continued learning and responsibility. To address you today at this key moment of your lives, understanding full well what this represents to you and to have the opportunity to perhaps offer some words of advice is truly challenging. To give you a few words in just a short time to encourage and motivate you for the future that lies ahead is such a difficult thing to achieve.

Cowley also left some words of encouragement for the students.

I do not want to stand here and show fear about challenges. They are all nothing new to you. You have faced and overcome the challenges of learning new and sometimes confusing information in all subjects. You have faced and overcome the challenges of discipline yourself to have your homework and revision completed. You have faced and overcome the challenges of showing respect, kindness, consideration to your peers. You have faced and overcome the challenges demonstrating your knowledge towards successfully completing your exams. To all students who are in school and will be returning next year, the point is not about understanding the equations or having a great spelling of grammar but understanding that you too are facing and overcoming the challenges each and every day. Understanding that you educators are not filling your minds with facts but training your mind to succeed 

The certificates presented this morning in the English subject, Religion, Computer studies and others.

Special awards were also presented including best conduct, and best customer service.

Meanwhile, Fe’iloakitohi Pau’uvale thanked teachers and parents for their efforts in helping them achieve so much in the past two years.

For this moment, I am really excited and I can’t believe I can make it to this position but first of all, I give the glory to God. Everything is to give him the glory. To all of you students coming to St Joseph Business College, everything you have to do is just to glorify the name of the Lord and whatever you do, you will achieve it.

During the program, a song was performed by the Year 2 students of St Joseph Business College.

More than 100 students are currently studying at St Joseph Business College.

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