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Chinese medical team begin awareness programs on NCD’s for schools

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 22/11/2018

The medical team from China highlighted the importance for students to be aware of Non-Communicable Diseases – because this is one of the major factors contributing to the loss of lives in Tonga.

This morning, they visited students and staff of Tonga High School, where they presented videos and information on Non-Communicable Diseases – NCD’s. MG

The team leader – Dr Zhang Yong says this is the beginning of their programs visiting communities where they hope to raise awarness on NCD’s and how to avoid getting NCD’s particularly diabetes.

“We want to come here to give a lecture about healthcare and early manage including CPR and the oral protection and the eye protection and also the risks of diabetes. I hope the students become more healthier and can study well.”

NCD’s is a growing health problem for Tongan, and with visitations like these to the schools, the team hopes that they would be able to reach the students at a young age and save them from future NCD problems.

“We have been working with Vaiola Hospital for 3 months. I saw many many persons suffer from diabetes – very terrible. The students can avoid diabetes like when they go home, they can help their parents and grandparents. That’s our aim.”

Similar programs have been carried out in Vava’u in the past two weeks where they discovered young people in their 20’s diagnosed with diabetes where the team hopes this issue should be addressed to younger people.

There are 6 people in the team including an eye doctor, a dentist and other health specialists from the top hospitals in Shanghai, China where they will be working with the Ministry of Health in Tonga for 2 years.

The team also presented books for the school library this morning.

Meanwhile, the headgirl Fungalaa’u Mafi and another student, ‘Oto’ota Aho spoke on the importance of this awareness program for the students of Tonga High School.

“I’ve learned so much. It’s a development and improving for Tongan health. You can see the friendship and bond between China caring for us Tongans with our diabetes, as well as our eye sights and our health compressions when we’re in danger, the help and care that we need for others in our surroundings and the help that we get from that is that we learn this step-by-step methods in order to use it in our everyday lives because we do not know what happens if somebody is in danger, if someone drowns, if somebody chokes on something, we know what to do like the steps CPR. If we’re diabetic, we have the steps of eating balanced food, limiting our sugar glucose, exercising daily to improve our health and also to share it with other people around us.”

“One of the skills that I’ve learned is CPR and it’s really helpful for us students because we will not know where or when we really need this skills because this skills and facts that they have taught us today, it enhances our learning and our skills and that we will be prepared for whatever comes our way in the future and we might end up somewhere crowded and someone happens to be a victim of this depressing states and conditions and we are there to actually help out. This actually helps us students not only for those who are taking Medical or plan to take Medical studies in the future but also for us all to learn the basics and also to help out whenever they can.”

The Medical team from China operates at the Vaiola Hospital towards helping the public live a healthier lifestyle.

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