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Outstanding results recorded from this year’s National Class Six Entrance Examination

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 30/11/2018

The Examination Unit of the Ministry of Education and Training has recorded great and outstanding results from the National Class Six Entrance Examination 2018.

Nineteen class six students from GPS Havelu and Tofoa passed to Tonga High School, while GPS Nuku’alofa had 17 students, GPS ‘Atele had 9 students and in 4th place was GPS Mu’a with 6 class six students that made it to Tonga High School.

With the great results from this year’s exam, the Examination Unit also recorded outstanding scores from the Science subject.

Exam Unit also clarified for parents that many class six students earned great results such as more than 300 out of 400 scores from the 4 subjects, HOWEVER only the top 120 class six students made it to Tonga High School because that’s the only amount of students the school can accommodate in the next academic year.

Although THS cannot cater for all the students with the highest scores but the Examination Unit believes it is a great opportunity for these students to study and prosper from other high schools next year.

More than 3 thousand class six students sat the National Entrance Examination this year in October.

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