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Celebrations began to mark the 136th anniversary of Tonga College

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 30/11/2018

Hundreds of Tonga College ex-students have gathered at the grounds of Funga Manamo’ui, for the celebrations of the 136th anniversary of the establishment of the school.

This morning the ex-students march began at the school, with the vice-president of the ex-students association – Taimifolau, saying that the purpose of having the ex-students march in the school, is so they can all see the state that the school facilities are in now.

Following the march, they continued to the Ex-students Annual General Meeting chaired by the President of the Ex-students Association – HSH Prince Tungii.

The ex-student classes had their roll-call at the AGM, followed by the annual report from the president which was presented by the vice-president – Taimifolau, then continued to the financial report from the treasurer – Tevita Ma’u, as well as the the annual report from the school presented by the principal – Kalafitoni Latu.

The celebrations are continuing at this moment with luncheon with HSH Prince Tungi as guest of honor, where the ex-students will also be making traditional presentations of gifts which will be collected to fund future projects for the school.

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