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Katoa ki Nukunuku celebrates villages people and history

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/12/2018

Families and relatives of  Lord Tu’ivakano in Nukunuku have returned home to participate in the village’s 1 week reunion known as Katoa ki Nukunuku.

The program aims at bringing the people of the village together especially the youth – to learn more about the village’s history, it’s historical sites amongst others.

The village has been divided into 4 groups named Tonga, US, Britain and Greece, and each group took part in a float parade led by the elderly.

The float parade was followed by a special program at the Tu’ivakno hall where the estate holder and the working committee spoke of the village’s history.

Yesterday, Lord Tu’ivakano unveiled a plaque to mark the “Vai Mahanga”, one of the village’s historical sites located at the Peka residence.

According to Lord Tu’ivakano – this was where Tu’ivakano Viliami accepted the Christian faith and were baptised.

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