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New centre – Kaha’u Ola for Tt3 youth

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/12/2018

The Speaker of Parliament – Lord Fakafanua yesterday marked the opening of the youth centre for Tongatapu constituency 3. Lord Fakafanua named the centre Kaha’u Ola meaning a succesful future aimed at assisting Tongatapu 3 youth to build a better future.

In his remarks, Lord Fakafanua says this is a new era for youth in general with the many different challenges they face today such as unemployment, teenage pregnancy, school brawls and the biggest problem around drugs.

This youth centre is the work of  3 members of Tonga Youth Parliament 2018 from Tt3 who used their awards from the Youth Parliament, to fund the establishment of this centre in collaboration with their constituency’s Council & youth committee.

Rev. Penisimani Tonga – Peoples Representative Tt3, Melaia Vivili – Minister for Commerce, Consumer, Trade, Innovation, and Labour, and ‘Anaseini Ulakai – Nobles Representative 1 for Tongatapu at the Youth Parliament, found that many of the topics of discussion during youth parliament were relevant to their constituency, including school drop-outs, unemployment, youth affiliation with illicit drugs, and an increase in the number of youth associated with crimes.

The Kaha’uola centre was supported by the People’s Representative of Tt3 to Parliament – Siaosi Sovaleni, who said he was looking forward to the success of this centre.

“A centre can be an oasis of opportunities – a safe place for discussing difficult issues and a fun place to play cards or even table tennis. I’m very happy and privileged to work with these youth MP’s and the other supporting youth to make this dream a reality. Yes, we have similar experience when we were younger and as some times we rely on those lessons learn to advice and guide our youths. But sometimes we need to have the courage to learn from our youth and to let the youth share with us their perspective, their views. What is the point of encouraging them to dream if we teach them only to live our dreams? The owe is on us to provide necessary support to the youths of today. Provide them with our wisdom but let’s not stifle their imagination, their creativeness and their innovativeness.”

The centre will deliver spiritual counseling and mentorship for the youth, by church ministers in Tt3, as well as providing scholarships for youth undertaking technical and vocational studies facing financial difficulties.

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