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New Zealand High Commission presents donation to womens group

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/12/2018

The office of the High Commmisioner of New Zealand presented assistance to the Kakai fefine ‘o Ngatai group on Wednesday.

The Kakai Fefine ‘o Ngatai group includes 16 women who each own a fishing boat and their main source of income is from the fisheries sector.

The assistance included materials to place their catch, including a freezer for preserving the fish, tap water, torch and other materials.

Heilala Fifita and Meleane Mafi from the womens group says, the assistance will improve their work and for that they are truly grateful.

The assistance was made possible through New Zealand’s Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research – NIWA in partnership with the Ministry of Fisheries.

The women’s group – Kakai fefine ‘o Ngataii was established last year with only 10 women but it’s success has seen it attract more members.

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