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Havelu FWC hold Christmas celebration for Alonga Centre & Vaiola Psychiatric Ward

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 21/12/2018

The womens group and youth of the Free Wesleyan Church this morning held a Christmas celebration for people living with disabilities at the Alonga Centre and patients at the psychiatric ward of Vaiola Hospital.

The church minister – Rev. Samisoni Pulu Halahalaha says this program is held every year but this is the first time for the youth to be included, as they want to engage the youth in different programs to keep them busy during the Christmas holidays. Reverend Halahala says they hope that through this they would be able to assist those at the Alonga Centre and patients of the psychiatric ward, and the youth would also be safe from the influences of alcohol and drugs.

This mornings program provided gifts for more than 50 people from the Alonga Centre and Psychiatric Ward, where the youth also performed entertainment.

There are more than 150 women and more than 70 youth in the FWC of Havelu.

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