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Form 7 national exams results a huge success

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/12/2018

The Exam Unit of the Ministry of Education says the Tonga National Form 7 examination results prove more successful this year in comparison to previous years.

The results of the exams were announced on Thursday morning in a special broadcast on Radio Tonga 1 & 2.

Earlier this year, 483 Form 7 students from 11 schools all around Tonga had sat the TNFSC exams this year and 375 students passed – an almost 80% pass rate which is especially high.

The Head of Exam Unit – ‘Amelia Folaumahina highlighted the highest pass percentage was from Niuatoputapu High School where all 7 students who sat the exam, attained a qualified grade. She also said the highest number of students who passed were from Liahona High School with 82 students passing.

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