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Tuli Kaveinga Exhibition to promote Tongan History

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 28/12/2018

A woodcarvings exhibition is currently showing in downtown Nuku’alofa, displaying the handiwork of Tongan woodcarver – Tui’one Pulotu.

This Tuli Kaveinga exhibition is aimed at raising awareness among the people of the history of Tonga, particularly in the seafaring history of Tonga.

Tui’one Pulotu believes there are many details in the Tongan History being published today that are incorrect, and so this exhibition is a chance to set the record straight especially in regard to the details of the traditional Tongan canoes and Tongan methods of navigating the seas, which he says is an important part of Tongan history.

Many of the carvings on display at the exhibition are models of ancient traditional Tongan canoes with Pulotu elaborating on the significance of each, and he also paints a broader picture of its relation to several other traditional canoes of neighboring Pacific Island countries.

This exhibition was opened yesterday December 27th and will close on the 31st, next Monday.

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