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SKTT President emphasises importance of prayer week

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 3/01/2019

The president of the Free Constitutional Church of Tonga – Lord Matoto ‘o Tu’anekivale, believes the nation-wide prayer week observed by many churches in the kingdom on the first week of the year is crucial to guiding the people through the year to come.

In a special interview with Radio Tonga News this morning, the President highlighted the decreasing number of churchgoers as a concern saying many people these days are concerned with the material things in life and have forgotten about their spirituality. Lord Matoto ‘o Tu’anekivale said this is why the prayer week is important, to bring people back to church, to emphasize the important things in life, and to give the people a strong start to the year equipping them with the spiritual tools to face the challenges that may be ahead.

Lord Matoto ‘o Tu’anekivale believes this prayer week is a tradition that should not be lost from Tonga.

The Free Wesleyan Church, The Church or Tonga and the Free Constitutional church of Tonga are currently observing their prayer week which began on Tuesday 1st and will close on Saturday the 5th of January.

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