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Met Office to confirm impact from Cyclone Mona

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 3/01/2019

Tonga’s MET office says it is not yet confirmed whether TC Cyclone Mona will reach Tonga.

The Director of Tonga’s MET office says they are uncertain at the moment whether TC Mona will reach Tonga, although it is possible.

‘Ofa Fa’anunu says TC Mona was formed from tropical depression 04F.

The latest weather information we have at hand this morning, Tropical Depression 04F was named by the Regional Specialised Meteorological Agency in Nadi, Fiji as Tropical Cyclone Mona. Tropical cyclone Mona is a category 1 cyclone with an average beats of 35 to 45 knots close to the center. The cyclone is located at 750 km North of Suva or 870 km West-Northwest of Niuafo’ou at 10am this morning moving Southeast at 15 knots. On its current track, we expect the cyclone to move South in the next couple of days and intensify to a Category two cyclone as it approaches Fiji with the current track directly towards the Fiji Islands. The environment at the moment is very favorable for that track but after the next 48 hours, we need some more information to be able to say for sure if Tonga will be affected but we’ll be monitoring what will happen in the next couple of days and we’ll update and give any warnings if there’s any track to Tonga.

He also urged the public to practice safety precautions during the current weather activities.

At the moment, there’s still some heavy rain warning for the Northern islands and we still expect a lot of heavy rain particularly to the Northern islands but in the next days, we’ll know for sure if the cyclone moves Southeast from Fiji, then it could affect Tonga and bring damaging winds and heavy rain but if it continues to move South on the current track, it could easily miss us but to put it out to the people there, keep listening to the radio in the next couple of days for all the latest weather updates.

Two tropical cyclones are expected to reach in Tonga during the cyclone season which will end in April.

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