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The people of Vava’u experienced heavy rain over the weekend.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 7/01/2019

The town officer of Neiafu – Vavaa Lapota says people living in the low lying areas had to evacuate from their homes and sought shelter at their relatives’ place due to the condition of their homes as some areas were flooded.

During the heavy rain, Lapota says a house was gutted with fire in Mataika and the estimated cost for the damage is more than 90thousand pa’anga.

Radio Tonga News contacted the officials in Vava’u this morning for more information about the damage recorded following the heavy rain but to no avail.

Meanwhile the Government Representative of Niuafo’ou – Falati Papani says they also experienced heavy rain over the weekend which caused flooding on the main road and damaged some of their fruit crops.

They are still experiencing bad weather today but Papani says the island is in a satisfactory condition.

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