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Government to stop businesses operated illegally by foreigners

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/01/2019

Government is concerned about the number of Tongans with registered businesses who then give that license to foreigners – like Chinese, to operate businesses.

Labour CEO – Edgar Cocker says their concern is with these foreigners visa, as they have discovered many of them do not have working visas and have no right to be legally running a business here.

However Cocker says they are aware that these Tongans give their business license to these foreigners as they meet the Tongans financial requests.

He says this is one of the biggest challenges to the ministry, and they are looking to improve the work in this area, having recently shut down a store in Halaleva.

The CEO says they are working together with related government ministries to address this issue and hopefully end this practice.

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